1,000 flags are distributed at Memorial Day Parade

1,000 flags are distributed during the Memorial Day Parade

Each year, Exchange Club members participate in events like parades, fairs, and community gatherings. They hand out small American flags to children, veterans, and adults along the parade routes. In Waterloo, for instance, nearly 1,000 flags are distributed during the Memorial Day Parade.

Purpose: The project aims to instill pride in the country, appreciation for our freedoms, and a sense of unity. These flags serve as souvenirs, reminding kids and adults alike of the importance of our national symbol.

So, when you see those little flags waving, know that they represent more than just fabric—they symbolize shared values and the spirit of community!

Club members passed out 1,000 flags at Monday’s Memorial Day parade to help honor those who have served and sacrificed!
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