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Inspire our community to become a better place to live!

Exchange Club members share their time and talents to help others—reaching out to an abused child who needs love and affection, organizing a community crime prevention program, or wielding rakes in a clean-up project. The Exchange Club helps members develop leadership, networking, and organizational skills to achieve success in business, family, and personal endeavors. Through these endeavors, Exchangites make a real difference in communities across America.

Membership Dues

New Member Initiation is $25 – covered by the Exchange Club of Waterloo.

We offer Yearly and Semi-Annual Payments of your dues.

  • Yearly – $180.00  OR,
  • Semi-annual – $90.00

Breakdown of dues are as follows

  • National dues – $78.00 per member and $40 per additional family member per Year
  • District dues –$28 per member and $16 per additional family member per Year
  • Local club dues – $74.00 per member per Year
  • Total yearly dues – $180.00

Our club secretary will contact you with additional information. Thank you!

The Value of Exchange

  • Helping others – Members provide community service both locally and nationally. This is the best reason people become members – the chance to serve others and experience the fulfillment that comes from giving. Exchange Club members believe in Unity for Service. Together, we can make a difference, every day.
  • Business development – Everyone needs to network and Exchange consists of a cross-section of the business community, from all walks of life. Exchange Club members help each other grow personally and professionally in their chosen fields.
  • Friendship – Exchange offers members a natural opportunity for fellowship with like-minded individuals.
  • Citizenship – Belonging to Exchange helps members become more socially conscious and aware citizens.
  • Leadership development – For many, membership in Exchange leads to new and/or enhanced leadership skills through positions at local, district, and regional levels. Exchange leaders learn to motivate, influence, and guide others.
  • Fun – Exchange makes meetings, projects, activities, and community events enjoyable and rewarding.
  • National networking – The value to belonging to a large, interconnected network of members and Exchange Clubs means collaboration and sharing of ideas, support from a National Headquarters staff dedicated to helping members serve their communities, enhanced relationships with local-level groups, and personal/professional opportunities.
Billing Frequency

Yearly, Semi-Annually


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